New Music Videos: Hailee Araya – Diaspora Blues & Rid You Of My Love

Born and raised in Lund, Hailee Araya is an Ethiopian-Swedish singer and songwriter. She learned music at a very early age and quickly learnt how to play the piano, which she did for several years and still uses it to compose her songs. In this video, you will definitely be proud to be an African As she melodiously declares her pride for Africa in her song – Diaspora Blues, she puts it this way ‘African from head to toe”


what more can I say? Have a view

The singles are produced by Paul Kastick and Norris Webb of the legendary reggae group “Third World”.


Diaspora Blues



Rid You Of My Love



At the moment, Hailee has some videos and singles to her credit. Her upcoming album ‘Diaspora blues’ is something to watch out for.

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