Rivers State Killing! Suspect Reveals Why Attack Was Carried Out

Desmond Okotubo.OnoBello

In a recent development, the police has arrested a suspect, Desmond Okotubo who has given reason for killing worshippers coming from crossover service in Omoku, Rivers State. Okotubo hails from Egbenma in Unelga Local Government Area of Rivers Sate, he’s 32 years old and father of three.

According to Okotubo, their plan to invade Omoku was concluded in Owerri, Imo State. He said the Omoku vigilante group members were their original targets and not the church worshippers. He disclosed that the decision to vent their anger on the worshippers came when they could not track down the vigilante group members, whom he said were instrumental to the arrest of Waney’s mother and identification of his mansions for destruction by the government.

“We followed Waney and he had a group to which he gave guns to shoot. I did not hold any gun and I don’t know about it, but he has a group called Red Squad. “Those Red Squad members are from Imo and Rivers states and they are the ones that shoot and kill. I know those that shot and killed those people. I know many people that belong to the party.

“I followed them during the killing. When Waney got back, he stopped at Awara in Imo State. It was there everybody assembled before going to Omoku. I followed them to Omoku but they did not give me gun.

“Waney had a problem with the vigilante group because they arrested his mother and also destroyed his house. That is why he came back to revenge and killed those people at Omoku,” the suspect revealed.

The suspect was arrested in Mpape, a suburb in Abuja. According to him, he did not receive any money at the end of the operation.

According to the Public Relations Oficer of the Force, Jimoh Moshood the IGP-Intelligence Response Team attached to the Joint Police Special Investigation Team engaged some of the suspects in their hideouts in Awara forest boundary between Imo and Rivers states.

“The IGP team working on an actionable intelligence identified Okotubo who escaped on the 3rd January, 2018 to Abuja after a shootout with the police team in a location in Imo State. He was trailed to Mpape in Abuja where he was arrested after serious resistance on the 9th January, 2018,” Moshood disclosed.

According to him, Okotubo confessed to being a member of the gang and actively participated in the killings.




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