Runway Advice!

Everyone is gearing up for Lagos Fashion Week. Vigorous model castings by the No1 modelling agency in Nigeria, Beth Models has been going on for weeks. If you are among the 40 female models that made the final cut then you will need these tips. Here’s a list of ways to put your best foot forward on the catwalk. We have brought you expert advice from super model Naomi Campbell from her 25 years of experience in the field.



Naomi Campbell: “I really had no idea how to walk; I took what l learned from my days as a dancer and my mother’s advice. She used to show me how to walk in the passageway at home. And dance is great because it can help your posture.”

Have Fun

Naomi Campbell: “It’s life anything can happen. The runway could be slippery, shoes not scraped or clothes not closed properly. But you can always work it out to your advantage by not taking yourself too seriously. Don’t forget to have fun!”

Show The Clothes

Naomi Campbell: “Pay attention to what you are wearing and how it moves on you, how the shoes feel. Each outfit is different. Get a sense of the music and show ‘you’ but don’t show off.”

If You Take A Fall

Naomi Campbell: “My biggest fall was at the Vivienne Westwood show in Paris in 1993.  But I got up, laughed and kept going. The shoes are now on display at the Victoria & Albert museum.”

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