Sanwo-Olu’s Government Resumes Construction on Badagry Highway


Lagos State Government under the Sanwo-Olu Administration has resumed the construction of the ten-lane Lagos-Badagry Expressway.

Speaking at the site office of the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC), the Deputy Governor of the state, Dr Kadri Obafemi Hamzat, said resuming the construction of the road is paramount to the Governor who made a promise to residents in the area and designed to relieve the commuter from the daily hardship they experience on the road.

The Deputy Governor who represented the Governor further stated that the project covers specifically the Agboju to Trade Fair segment as well as the rehabilitation of the Eric Moore – Mile 2 stretch.

Hamzat explained that Lagos State is handling Eric Moore to Agboju while FERMA will do four-lane maintenance to Agbara while the Federal Government has awarded Agbara to Seme as a six-lane Highway.

He further said the State Government will deploy Taskforce to clean up the area and ensure a free flow of traffic.

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