Say What! Kylie Jenner & Blac Chyna Have Been “Best Friends” This Whole Time!


Now, this is a shock to a lot of people – us included.

Apparently, the perceived rivalry between Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna is all a hoax.

The two who supposedly fell apart after Blac’s ex fiancé and baby daddy, Tyga dumped her for Kylie shared pictures of them being all friendly on Snapchat.

Kylie captioned hers, “when we’ve been best friends the whole time”. While Blac captioned hers, “hanging out with my lil sis”.


The two went further to prove how close they are by doing a face swap on the app.


This comes a day after Tyga followed his ex-fiancée on Instagram, liking a couple of her videos and also a day after Blac was gifted a brand new Lamborghini by Kylie’s half-brother, Rob Kardashian who Blac is now engaged to. Weird, huh?


















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