Selena Gomez Talks Battling With Lupus, Her Stay In Rehab & More In GQ Magazine’s May Issue


Pop star Selena Gomez has finally opened up on the reason behind her brief stint in rehab in 2014. The Disney star and former Justin Bieber’s old flame (we use that term loosely) opened up to GQ Magazine about dumping her momager, Hollywood Records, Justin Bieber and signing with Interscope Records and revamping her image.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

What are the things you want to do?

“I want to have an experience that I would go a little bit stir-crazy with. I like people pushing a little bit.”

This is delicate, but you began the year we’re talking about in rehab—

“No, no, no, no, no, First off, this is something that everyone always wants to fixate on. I got diagnosed with lupus. My mom had a very public miscarriage. So I had to cancel my tour. I needed time to just be okay. And I was going through leukemia and I went to two different locations for those treatments. It’s really frustrating, because I am 100 percent allowed to have that, but I think people just want to have some sort of…”

“I understand what you’re asking but I’m just saying, I don’t think it really matters.” She pauses again. “My past seems to be way more fascinating for people than my future, which bums me out.”
Why do you think that is?

“I don’t know. Why do you care?”

Would you hit the fast-forward button on this phase of life, if you could?

“No, because I’m not that stupid. And I get it. I just have to be patient. It’s slowly dissolving the older I get. And I just have to be patient and make great things with quality, from producing to singing to acting. And one by one, I will be able to change the dialogue and people won’t care about everything that’s happened to me.”

For her shoot, the gorgeous brunette strips down in a sexy mix of swimwear and lingerie.

See more photos from her shoot with GQ below…

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47Read the full interview here.

Watch B-T-S footage from her shoot below!

Photography: Victor Demarchelier





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