Sharp Suits & Dapper Men’s Style! Jason Porshe Showcases At South African Menswear Week 2018

Jason Porsche - OnoBello

The Creative Director, Jason Samuel who likes to send a message through his collections gives insights on his latest Spring/Summer 2019 Collection featured at the South African Menswear Week 2018.

This collection is called ‘Wander Lust’ and it is inspired by the greats of the past like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Fela Kuti & so much more. Their drive to succeed & make positive impacts and meaningful purpose even beyond their own generation.

Jason Samuel added, “It’s Either Triggered by my emotions or the need to pass a message but I decided to have fun with Bold colors & Prints. A few Vintage cuts with a modern twist which at the same time, Sticks to the niche of the Jason Porshe Brand.”

The range is really exciting and was hugely accepted in South Africa.

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Jason Porsche - OnoBello-2

Jason Porsche - OnoBello-3

Jason Porsche - OnoBello-4

Jason Porsche - OnoBello-5

Jason Porsche - OnoBello-6

Jason Porsche - OnoBello-7

Jason Porsche - OnoBello-8

Jason Porsche - OnoBello-9

Jason Porsche - OnoBello-10

Jason Porsche - OnoBello-11

Jason Porsche - OnoBello-12

Jason Porsche - OnoBello-13

Jason Porsche - OnoBello-14

Jason Porsche - OnoBello-15

Jason Porsche - OnoBello-16

Jason Porsche - OnoBello-17

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