Should Married People Cut Their Single Friends Off? Find Out On ‘Ariyike Weekly’

Ariyike WeeklyOn Ariyike Weekly, Ariyike Akinbobola shares a message from one of the vlog watchers who says her friend cut off all her single friends and started hanging out with only married women after she got married.

Also, watch Comedian Ebie as he also shares his personal experience after his friend got married.

Can a healthy friendship exist between married and their single friends?

Here’s Ariyike take on the topic: “I feel you can still stay friends with your single friends although the harsh reality is that you will not remain friends with everybody after you get married because your responsibilities after marriage will change and you will need time and space to adjust to your new life. You will also not have as much time to hang out with friends as you did when you were single. Does Jealousy set in simply because your friend is married and you are still single?”

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