Show Report: Needle Point & Gogo Majin Collections At TW Magazine’s 5th Anniversary

In our Show Report section today, we bring you collections of two upcoming designers, Theresa Onwuka of fashion house Needle Point and GogoMajin of self-named label.


Gogo Majin

This collection is chic and trendy for a young fashionable lady as pieces came in flowing dresses, skirts and tops that are in a mix of Vlisco African print wax and soft luxurious fabrics with bright colours that depict summer.


GogoMagin an upcoming designer is not new to fashion as she comes from a family of fashion designers with mother and sisters as professional fashion designers.


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Needle Point

Theresa Onwuka, Creative Director of fashion house Needle Point also showcased pieces cut out of Vlisco African print wax mixed with lace, silk and chiffon in bright summer colours.


This collection is young, edgy and wearable.


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Adesuwa Onyenekwe

TW Magazine

5th Anniversary

Needle Point




Show Report

Adesuwa Onyenekwe

Kemi Ogunleye

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