“Side Hustle to Empire”! Faspha’s CEO Honey Ogundeyi Debuts Entrepreneurial Vlog | Watch Episodes 1-3!

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Honey Ogundeyi, founder and CEO of Pioneer Fashion Technology start up Fashpa.com and digital agency (TSG): who was named Forbes one of Africa’s Emerging Women Entrepreneurs to Watch in Africa in 2014 and one of World Economics Forum‘s Top innovative women in Africa, has launched an entrepreneurial vlog “Side Hustle to Empire”.

The vlog focuses on the nitty gritty, barred truth on what’s it’s really like to be an Entrepreneur. She will discuss her experiences at each stage, from launching and operating a startup, navigating life from a side hustle to a global business, formulating and tweaking an idea, finding product market fit, to choosing the right type of investors and building a team particularly from an African Perspective. ‘Side Hustle to Empire’ will be a weekly vlog that will focus on tips, learnings and real life stories from the trenches of one woman in tech.

Watch Episode 1

She says: “Hello Everyone, I am excited to finally be releasing my vlog. While Entrepreneurship can be great and even appear glam. It takes real clarity of thought, perseverance to be raising something from the ground up especially in Nigeria. However there is nothing like following your passion. Doing it because you’re meant to do it and not just to make money and actually having the conviction to follow through. Today I kick off nice and easy by discussing my journey to becoming  an entrepreneur”

Watch Episode 2 : Branding 101

“Hi Everyone, This week am discussing of my favorite topics, which is branding. The When I started Fashpa, one of the key things that helped us really stand out was our brand, this was key in helping us get noticed especially from the bigger brands with their super budgets! Here are my top branding strategies from my experience to help you get started on your journey of building an amazing brand for your startup”

Watch Episode 3: Hiring for your startup

She says: “Today I discuss how to find your first employees especially when you are a startup. Finding good people can be difficult and at least every week someone in my network reaches out about hiring for their #side hustle or business. It can be really daunting, especially when you’re starting out finding and retaining the best talent with a limited budget of a small business”.


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