Sierra Leone Mudslide: Desperate Hunt for 600 Missing People Still On| #PrayForSierraLeone


The hunt for survivors of the deadly mudslide in Sierra Leone continued Tuesday as the official death toll rose to 245, with numbers expected to grow and hundreds still missing.

“More bodies have been discovered. The number rose from 205 to 245, the search continued this morning, and we expect that number to rise,” Abu Bakarr, spokesman for the Red Cross in Sierra Leone, told CNN on Tuesday.
A chunk of the mountain came down under the force of the water, onto the houses that hugged the slopes, many of them little more than wooden shacks with tin roofs in this desperately poor nation.
“Social welfare is out on the streets of Freetown registering and talking to survivors as we try to ascertain exactly how many people are missing,” Abdulai Bayraytay, a spokesman for President Ernest Koroma, told CNN.
He said that a Sierra Leonean and a Chinese construction company had provided heavy-duty excavation equipment to help the military looking for people under the mud and rubble.


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