Simple & Elegant! Northern Belle Debuts SS18 Collection

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For Spring ‘18, go-to womenswear brand, Northern Belle, is striking a perfect balance between modesty, simplicity, and elegance while breathing new ideas into what is normal and acceptable in womenswear.  As a very particular brand, the creative director Salma Ahmadu is not only striving for these elements above, but she has kept the lines clean and form-fitting while taking a few more risks with layering without overwhelming her fabric choices. In this mix, she also acknowledges a few trends that she employed in keeping the collection up-to-date.

Additionally, all materials used in executing this collection,  were locally sourced, staying very close to home in both sourcing and execution.

This collection, like the ones before it, is for an intentional woman. The woman who is in touch with her femininity and still very aware of what makes her identity. She’s covered up out of choice and not obligation, she wears what she pleases because they make her look the way she desires. She may be culturally aware and sensitive, but she’s nonetheless her own person.

see collection below

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Brand: Northern Belle @northernbelleng

Photography: Terna Iwar @ternaiwar

Model: Ojima Atawodi @mzojayy for Zahara Models

Makeup: Vugo @vugo24



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