Spouses Of Nigerian Soldiers Stop Their Husbands’ Deployment To Gwosa For Fear Of Boko Haram

Dozens of women and children Saturday forcefully stopped military trucks from ferrying their husbands and fathers to the Boko Haram-seized Gwosa.


The women acted by locking the exit gates of a barracks in Borno State, demanding quality fighting equipment for the soldiers.

Scores of soldiers have been killed by Boko Haram in Borno State in the last few months, and many blame the inferior weapons Nigerian troops are equipped with to fight brutal insurgents. Reports say nearly 60 soldiers were killed last Wednesday in Gwosa, taken over by Boko Haram after hundreds of heavily-armed militants swooped on the border town.

After locking the gates Saturday, the women and children placed themselves as wedges before the trucks that were to drive out of Giwa Barracks of the 21 armoured brigade Maiduguri, witnesses said.

“We don’t want to be turned another set of widows, give our husbands modern and better arms, weapons and vehicles or they go nowhere!” one woman was quoted by a source as saying.

The reaction came after nearly 60 soldiers killed in Gwoza and Damboa- both in Borno State- we given a mass burial at the Maimalari Barracks Maiduguri.

Efforts to stop the women from protesting failed as they stood their grounds all day, demanding that the General Officer Commanding, GOC, of the brigade, address them.


Article & Photo Credit: Premium Times



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