Stormzy Named “Next Generation Leader” As He Graces TIME Magazine’s Cover

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Stormzy has been unveiled as the latest cover star of TIME Magazine. The British rapper who has been on a steady rise to music royalty was rewarded accordingly by being named as one of its “Next Generation Leaders”.

In an interview with author Reni Eddo-Lodge, the Londoner seized his profile feature to spotlight what he feels to be his broader purpose. He also took to Instagram sharing the cover along with a heartfelt message.

See excerpts below:

On Launching His Own Publishing Company, Merky Books: “There’s a whole side of blackness and black Britishness that doesn’t often fall under the kind of umbrella term that everyone uses of ‘black culture. It’s like black culture almost becomes music, acting, sports and just kind of celebrity and whatever. I was like, Yo, there’s theater, there’s literature, books, there’s ballet.”

On “Dark, Defining Times” Inspiring Him To Have Political Voice: “The more I become self-aware, it’s like we can’t shy away from [politics]. Especially being an artist who has a platform.”

On His Commitment To Championing Black Excellence: “Being so championed by my community, I feel like everyone’s put me on this pedestal and, like, everyone’s put me on top of the world … I know it’s my purpose to just shine a light where I can, do something where I can, just whatever I can, in whatever way, shape or form.”

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One of my absolute proudest moments. I can’t even comprehend this. I am on the cover of TIME. I’ve stared at this cover for a few minutes and it feels like one of those “how the fuckkkkk did man get here?!” moments. God’s favour and the ever lasting love and support you guys show me has elevated me to a place in life where this South London kid is worthy enough to grace the cover of the most prestigious publication in the World. This is a huge honour – one of TIME’s Next Generation Leaders. I wanna thank God for purpose – I say this because anyone who knows me knows how much I shy away from being anything other than “Mike”. On a deeper, honest one the thought of being a “role model” or “leader” or whatever it is feels way way way too heavy and too overwhelming and a lot of the time I think nahhhh fuck all that I ain’t no one’s anything lol I can’t even bare the weight of being myself let alone any of these other titles so everyone get off me I ain’t shit lol I am deeply flawed and still learning how to be a man and still figuring out how to grow into the person I need to be but within all of that confusion and all the juggling of being a human and trying to be a superhuman – I have purpose. And my purpose has lead me here. Big Mike for TIME ya na 😅❤️🙏🏿 Massive thanks to the legend that is @renieddolodge for interviewing me was an honour.

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