Style Diary – Pop Singer Lady Gaga

Gaga born March 28, 1986 is a pop singer known best for smash singles such as “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance.” Lady Gaga&#39s real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.


Known for her very intriguing style, the singer has topped music chats all over the world with a number of hits and has performed live in front of millions wearing extravagant outfits. She is publicly known for equally wearing daring and crazy ensembles on the red carpet.


Lady Gaga, not just a singer has also launched her new book “Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson“.  Gaga let the famous photographer Terry Richardson, follow her for the past year, capturing every moment of her life from concerts to everyday life.


She’s also opened the new Gaga&#39s Workshop at Barney&#39s in New York City. The 5,500 square feet in-store shopping installation features bright colours, elaborate cartoon statues of Gaga, and boudior in the shape of a giant wig. The limited edition workshop will feature lots of Gaga inspired gifts for the holidays, including flaming red press-on nails, studded leather gloves, stockings in the shape of Alexander McQueen&#39s Armadillo heels, and glittering teacups.


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