Style Inspiration: The Gorgeous Miss MBGN 2013 Anna Ebiere Banner, Shows How To Pull Off 3 High Glamour Outfits

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I’m responding to another “What to Wear” request from one of our readers. Reader writes, “I am attending a super glamorous red carpet/dinner event soon and need ideas on what to wear. I will like to ooze of “high-fashion” as the event will be full on A-list celebrities and models and I do not want to be out of place. I really will like to feel and look like a beauty queen. Please help!”

Well of course! I am more than happy to help you and who better to practically show you how to do so than beauty queen Anna Ebiere Banner, the 2013 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN 2013). Miss Banner has just released some star quality promo pictures and is perfect to be our “Style Inspiration” and show practical ways to champion that beauty queen look for the red carpet.

In fashion, high glamour is characterised by sumptuous dresses that evoke bold shapes and lavish details in an irresistible way. So my advise will be to go for a long flowing dress with sparkling sequins and jewels, which are perfect for a glamorous red carpet event.

For makeup, I will suggest red lips, strong brow and smoky eye: Charlotte Tilbury on how to achieve three looks that embody romantic windswept beauty

To read our previous interview with Anna, click here.

Photoshoot Credits – Di-act Photography


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