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Gone are the days where a girl wakes up and hits the streets without wearing a bit of makeup. Makeup is an essential part of a girl’s everyday routine which brings us to the point where we say a girl’s makeup kit is one of her most prized possession.  Most people are faced with over flowing makeup kit and no clue exactly what to do with all the products while others have challenges identifying the basics they need in their beauty kit. This brings us back to the usual question… what are the makeup essentials that are worth investing our time and money in finding?

However, girls have different beauty preferences and makeup styles. There are definitelycertain makeup items every girl needs to have on a daily basis. We have done a research and handpicked some must haves for every girl’s makeup kit. Here’s a list of items we came up with:

  • Powder; this helps set your makeup and controls shine. Just a quick dust and you are good!

2.jpgfdh Powder 


  • Brow filler/pencils; this helps define your eyes as well-groomed brows makes you look tidy.

3xfgjn Eyebrow Definer 

  • Eye shadow; adds a bit of colour and makes your eyes pop.

4xfgkjmh  Eye Shadow 

  • Eyeliner;they are great for enhancing the lash line and defines your eyes.

5xmfkfghm Liquid Eye Liner

  • Mascara; this draws more attention to your eyes.

6xfgmfg Lenghtening Mascara 

  • Lipstick/Lip gloss; these add a bit colour to your look and helpsto enhance your lips.
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Lipstick Lip Gloss


  • Brush set; Brushes are essential for creating flawless makeup. A mini brush set is idle for this purpose.

9xfgmh Mini Brush Set 

  • Makeup bag; it’s very essential for putting your items together.

10xdgzng Makeup Bag 

So ladies, I hope this these paired down list will go a long way in assisting you build your perfect makeup kit.

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