Falz ‘Sweet Boys Association Of Nigeria’ Releases Code Of Conduct!



Following the release of an Instagram video, see here, where the president of Sweet Boys Association of Nigeria, Folarin Falana Aka Falz informed the general public on the soon to be released anthem for the members of sweet boys association, he took to his Instagram page to share the code of conduct for every member.

This guy steadily entertaining us!


  1. You must dress impeccably well at all times.
  2. You must compose yourself with utmost confidence, certitude and assurance at all times.
  3. Your swag must remain a hundred and not one less at any given time.
  4. You shall be your brother or sisters keeper.
  5. You shall aspire to be the best in your filed of study or practice.
  6. You shall express yourself however you wish as along as you do not obstruct another person ability to express himself/herself.
  7. Wherever you find yourself you must always act within the confines of the law.
  8. You shall never conduct yourself in a ,manner that exposes the association to disrepute.
  9. You must treat all human beings with utmost respect, nobody is above or below another.
  10. You shall not be fraudulent or corrupt in your ways.For more Entertainment News, follow us on Instagram & Twitter @OnoBello | Facebook: OnoBello Magazine.

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