Swirly Plaids, Colour Blocking And Mini Athletic Shorts In Nigerian Fashion Label Old Religion “Kaleidoscopy” Lookbook

We first got wind of Nigerian fashion label Old Religion when it showcased a collection as one of the young designer finalist at the Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2012.


Buchi Okoro, creative Director of Old Religion says Kaleidoscopy the new Spring/Summer 2012 menswear collection simply means “Observation of Beautiful Forms”. It is inspired by colours, seasons and the weather with fabrics coming in various forms of plaids to brights that appeal to a younger fashionable man.


The label is fast becoming fashion&#39s favourite eccentric and has given men around a more colourful and trendy way to dress up.


The lookbook pictured here consists of swirly plaids, colour blocking and mini athletic suit shorts as well as the quintessentially English tailored suits that keep the entire collection interesting and at our top of Nigeria’s trendiest design lists.

The menswear label seeks to make its footprints engraved in the sands of time of the clothing industry, in the long run contributing its quota in a seemingly little but substantial way to nation building.


The name Old Religion stems from the realization of the fact that clothing is a way of life and trends are timeless in retrospect, the trends labeled as outdated come back in style and take the center stage revolving around something called the 20year cycle which has shortened due to advancement in communications and globalization in general.

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