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Workshops By Renowned Professionals, Networking & FUN! Lagos Cocktail Week 2019 Was A Success

It is often said that one should not mix business with pleasure. But at , this rule was broken for a great cause, as hospitality industry practitioners from all over the world, and cocktail enthusiasts converged for 2 days of learning, networking, and loads of fun! The Lagos Cocktail Week kicked off with a fun…

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OB Cuisine: The Palmwine Mango Cocktail Everyone Should Know How to Make

“My palmwine mango cocktail is going to be a staple in my drink menu.” says Afrolems and we couldn’t be any less in agreement. On today’s episode, the food blogger shares her special recipe for making palmwine cocktails. She adds: “Please feel free to explore other strong flavours with this drink. I would recommend swapping the…

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OB Cuisine: Get Into The Holiday Spirit With The Delicious Rosé Cocktail Pronto

The holiday season is basically here which means vacations in far flung locales, rooftop dinners, evening soirées, and most importantly, holiday booze (of course)! If you’re already feeling bummed out just thinking about the holidays, you have to try the Rosé Cocktail Pronto. They’re just festive enough to get you into the swing of the season without…

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