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OB Cuisine: Here’s Sisi Jemima’s Ultimate Recipe For Garden Egg Stew

Today on OB Cuisine, we bring to you the ultimate Garden Egg Stew recipe by food and recipe extraordinaire, Sisi Jemimah. According to Sisi, this Nigerian stew made with fresh garden eggs can also be replaced by eggplants/Aubergines because they are of the same family as garden eggs although slightly softer. However, no crunchiness would…

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OB Cuisine: Chef Elegbede’s Garden Egg Stuffed With Ayàmàsé Relish & Fried shallot

Like all other vegetables, Garden eggs (eggplants) are full of different vitamins but it’s quite surprising to see why many people still struggle to associate with it. However, this Garden egg dish by US based Nigerian chef, Michael Elegbede will make make you rethink. Stuffed with Ayàmàsé relish, also known as Ofada sauce and fried Shallot, this healthy meal can be eaten…

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