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Discovery With Glory Edozien : How To Handle Criticism

Haters! Everywhere! No matter what you do these days, there always seems to be someone somewhere who isn’t satisfied or has a complaint. Critics….they can make you or break you. “I find these days we concentrate too much on the person giving the criticism rather than the merit behind their comments. Granted, people need to…

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Actress Gwyneth Paltrow & Coldplay’s Chris Martin Are Separating After 10 Years Marriage

Are you surprised to hear about  this latest high-profile breakup?  10 years is like an eternity in  Hollywood time. Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow  and husband Chris Martin  announced today their split  today. The actress broke the news on  her Goop lifestyle website,  writing: &#39It is with hearts full  of sadness that we have decided  to…

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Real Talk With Andyson Ogugua- Don’t Allow External Pressure Destroy Your Marriage

 On this episode of Real talk with Andyson Ogugua, he speaks to couples on the external influence and pressures that can destroy their marriages by allowing family members and friends to interfere in their marriage decisions and future, it can lead to a marriage break down. Andyson advices couples to take a firm stand together…

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