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Inspired By Tropical Green Forests! Cameroonian Fashion Brand Maison d’Afie Releases Resort Collection “Ngondo”

For the Ngondo collection, Sarah Divine-Garba the creative head of women’s wear brand, Maison d’Afie, repurposes a Cameroonian Colonial classic maxi gown known as the Kaba which was paradoxically born by white missionary wives in the 19th century, as a cover for half naked Duala women who’s irresistibility supposedly distracted their husbands. Sarah draws from her…

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Cameroonian Fashion Brand, Maison d’Afie Steals Our Heart With Its AW 16/17 Collection

African designers are making such a huge splash on the global fashion scene and the world is taking notice. Collection by collection, they continue to show that they’re on par with their counterparts in other parts of the world and Cameroonian brand, Maison d’Afie is a testament to that. Created in 2009, Maison d’Afie has…

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