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Watch this Exclusive Interview! Building Entrepreneurs, the Oil & Gas Industry, Publishing, More! Nigeria’s Minister Dr. Ibe Kachikwu on ‘OB Focus’

With graceful gait, he takes some unmistakable steps into the room. The expansive smile on his face belies the tremendous pressure that goes with the office he occupies. Yet, his incandescent grin signposts the successes he has achieved as Nigeria’s Minister of State of Petroleum Resources. Dr. Ibe Kachikwu in this interview with OB Focus–…

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Growing An Army of Entrepreneurs, Positive Changes in the Oil & Gas Industry, More! Nigeria’s Minister of Petroleum Resources Dr. Ibe Kachikwu Covers ‘OB Focus’

Since the beginning of this year,  OnoBello.com– the website, started writing short personality focused features we titled OB Focus– aimed at captains of industries in different sectors of the economy; Politics, Banking and Finance, Business, Youth Empowerment and so on. Today, I am excited because just before the closing of the year 2018, these short features have blossomed into…

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OB Fashion: E X T R A! Fashion Editorial Spreads that Celebrate Black Hair

There is nothing more beautiful than a black woman who embraces her natural tresses. While this is a truth that we’ve always known, natural hair has rarely ever been considered front cover worthy. Black women have been forced to confine to Euro-centric beauty standards for decades in the fashion industry. But in recent years, black…

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