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OB Poll: Who Would Be Your Celebrity BFF — Waje Or Omawumi?

Who HASN’T dreamt about getting close to a celebrity. Most especially the likes of Waje and Omawumi. We mean, these two powerhouse singers are literally living their best lives at the moment while launching projects to empower women through their craft. Although, they are very close that doesn’t mean they’re done making friends. So, we have to ask, which of…

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OB Poll: Which Celebrity Couple Are You And Your Significant Other Most Like?

Which stars know your soul? We all look to celebrity couples with either affection or disdain, but sometimes it turns out we are more similar than we think! Do you have amazing chemistry? Are you total powerhouses? Do you support each other through thick and thin? Then you probably have the everlasting qualities of a…

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OB Poll: Which Of Them Would You Call To Design Your Wedding Dress?

It is hard to overestimate the importance a wedding dress for a bride. As such every woman wants to look the best on her wedding day but have you ever thought about which fashion designer is going to give you that ethereal glam? Well, today’s poll spotlights four of Nigerian most influential designers for you to choose from. Select your…

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