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Reuben Abati Reacts to Big Brother Nigeria, Calls It ‘Television as Madness’

Reuben Abati Reuben Abati, the former media assistant to ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan, has provided an analysis of the reality TV show, Big Brother Nigeria, which he titles ‘television as madness’. In a long piece, the former spokesman expressed huge relief that the show had come to an end, citing lessons that ought to be taken…

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‘Rituals, Blood & Death: The Spiritual Side of Aso Villa’– Reuben Abati

  Former Special Adviser to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Reuben Abati, has penned a thought provoking article where he described Nigeria’s seat of power, Aso Rock, as an evil place. He has advised the Nigerian government to abandon the Villa and turn it into a spiritual museum. Read his latest article titled ‘Rituals, blood and death:…

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Reuben Abati: Endorsing Hillary Clinton

If there was any hope that Donald Trump would change tactics and be more restrained after winning the Republican party Presidential nomination for the November 8 US election, that hope is now lost. The fellow has remained aggressive, incorrigibly brash and completely negative. Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson has asked: “Is Donald Trump just plain…

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