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Netflix Surprises Nigeria’s Ikorodu Bois, Delivers Tech Gadgets As Gifts

Nigerian comic group, Ikorodu Bois are set to take their skit-making skills to a completely different level as they were recently gifted with some sophisticated movie production gadgets by online movie streaming giant Netflix. The talented youngsters, who became internet sensations for remaking movie clips and music videos, shared the news on Twitter with a video of…

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Ikorodu Bois Earn Invite To Extraction’s World Premiere After Viral Remake Of Trailer

The Russo Brothers, co-producers of American action-thriller film, Extraction, have invited Nigerian internet sensation, Ikorodu Bois to its world premiere after coming across a remake of the first trailer. Ikorodu Bois who are famous on social media for their creatively mimicking video productions re-enacted Extraction‘s trailer on Wednesday, racking up over four million views in under 24 hours on Twitter and…

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