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Lady Forcibly Removed From A Store In Ghana After Refusing To Use Hand Sanitizer

A foreign woman was forcefully removed from a store in Ghana for reportedly refusing to use hand sanitizer before entering the store. According to Twitter user, Ama K. Abrebese who shared the video, the incident occurred at a Citydia grocery store where their recently implemented rule noted that everyone who enters must use hand sanitizer on their…

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Everything You Need To Know About Rare Dahlia, Nigeria’s One-Of-A-Kind Luxury Perfumery & Accessory Boutique

It appears that fragrances are big biusiness for those in the know with industry experts estimating that the fragrance industry pulls in an average of $28.95 billion annually around the globe. Already making its mark in this vast industry is Rare Dahlia. Located on the ground floor of the luxurious Wells Carlton Hotel in Nigeria’s capital city Abuja, the…

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