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Zimbabwe Officially Prohibits Schools From Expelling Pregnant Girls

It is now illegal for schools to expel pregnant pupils in Zimbabwe, a measure which women’s rights campaigners said is aimed at tackling gender inequality in the classroom and discouraging many girls from dropping out of school. A legal amendment was announced last week and it seeks to reinforce a 1999 guideline that was patchily implemented,…

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Liberia Health System Reportedly Collapsing With The Constant Spread Of Ebola Virus

The health care system in Liberia is collapsing, hospitals closing down and medical workers fleeing from the Ebola epidemic, which is poised to worsen, Liberia’s foreign minister said on Thursday. “People are dying from common diseases because the health care system is collapsing,” Minister of Foreign Affairs Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan said in an interview with…

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