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Donald Trump Says US Will Recognize Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital

US President Donald Trump has announced that the US will officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Israel. Trump, while making the announcement at a ceremony at the White House, said his decision marked “the beginning of a new approach to conflict between Israel and the Palestinians”. He recalled that in 1995, Congress adopted the Jerusalem…

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Tension Heightened As North Korea Fires 3 New Missiles

The crisis in the Korean Peninsula is far from being resolved as North Korea on Friday fired “several projectiles” into sea off its eastern coast. According to the South Korean military, the missiles were launched from a site in the North Korean province of Gangwon and flew for about 250km (150 miles). Since firing an intercontinental ballistic…

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Oprah Winfrey Shuts Down Presidential Run Rumours “I Will Never Run For Public Office”

Will Oprah Winfrey run for public office? People Always Ask. The legendary talk show host dispelled the rumors in a wide-ranging interview on the  Hollywood Reporter’s “Awards Chatter” podcast, leaving little room for interpretation. “I will never run for public office,” Winfrey said. “That’s a pretty definitive thing.” Asked whether she thought she could pull off…

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What is Covfefe?! Twitter On Fire After Donald Trump Mistakenly Tweeted Fake Word

What did President Donald Trump mean on Tuesday night when he tweeted the word “covfefe“? That’s what most of Twitter tried to figure out as the word began trending, with celebrities, journalists and authors weighing in and taking a stab as they attempted to decipher Trump’s tweet, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.” I’m gonna…

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US President, Trump Fires FBI Director Over Clinton’s E-mail

James Comey President Donald Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey amid the bureau’s investigation into members of the president’s campaign and his former national security adviser. The reason given by Trump was Comey’s adamant position that there was no basis to charge Hillary Clinton over her email investigation. The White House said in a…

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Christmas Storms Leaves Dozens Dead In The US

At least 43 people have been killed over the past five days by severe storms across southern and western parts of the United States, reports BBC. Flash floods, tornadoes and now snow have destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses and snarled transport links with the National Weather Service issuing tornado warnings for Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana,…

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