Taiwan Plane Crash Caught on Camera, Watch Video


The dramatic video shows the moment an out-of-control plane clips an aerial highway before crashing into a river in Taiwan.

According to CNN,people, veered out of control en route from Taipei to Kinmen, off the coast of the Chinese province of Xiamen.

At least a dozen people are confirmed dead and rescuers are working to pull survivors from the submerged wreck of a TransAsiaflight in Taiwan.

Taiwan’s official news agency CNA reported that the pilot appeared to try to control the plane as it descended, but the aircraft’s wing grazed the overpass, clipping a passing taxi.

The two people in the taxi were injured but in a stable condition after being taken to hospital, CNA said.

TransAsia Airways CEO Chen Xinde extended a “deep apology to the victims and our crew.”He said 31 of the passengers aboard the flight were Chinese tourists, including three children. Twenty-two were from Taiwan, including one child.

Last year, an older TransAsia ATR 72, which was attempting to land in the Taiwanese Penghu Islands crashed, resulting in 49 deaths.

Photo: Reuters | Video: on.aol.com




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