Interview: “I Have Always Dreamt Of Being A Beauty Queen”- Miss Nigeria, Ezinne Akudo Anyaoha, Tells Us What She Has Really Been Up

23 years old Ezinne Akudo Anyaoha is alaw graduate from Abia State University and the reigning queen of Miss Nigeria. She comes from Imo State, the Eastern part of Nigeria and the second child in close-knit family of two sisters and a brother. Growing up for this beauty queen was normal, according to her, she was the regular girl next door!

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Well, all that changed when she bought the forms and was selected at the regional screening of the Miss Nigeria 2013 beauty pageant competition. After going through a rigorous process that included a picture casting, phone interview and voting on Facebook, she got invited to camp along with 35 other contestants. 21 ladies were then selected from camp to compete at the finale competition where Ezinne was chosen based on elegance, poise, talent, intelligence and beauty.

Press Conference And At the official unveiling of the

36 Finalist for Miss Nigeria 2013


The Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageant is the oldest pageant of all time and the most prestigious beauty competition in Nigeria since 1957. It is the only beauty competition recognized by the Federal Government of Nigeria and endorsed by the three paramount Traditional rulers in Nigeria.

Though, a lot of people believe the Ezinne has been somewhat quiet and haven’t seen a lot of projects she’s been working on or what she has been up to since her winning Miss Nigeria, we at thought it was time we bring you the exclusive on what she has really been up to.




 OnoBello OnoBello

OB: Have you always nursed the idea of being a beauty queen while growing up or is it something that just happened to you as you grew?

EA: I have always dreamt of being a beauty queen but I didn&#39t contest earlier or go for other pageants because of the &#39bikini&#39 criteria and as soon it was banned for the Miss Nigeria pageant, I figured it was a great time to give it a shot.

OB: Did you feel you stood the chance of winning after you saw your other counterparts?

EA: I wouldn&#39t put it that way. The struggle was real and the competition was tight, everyone had something special about them that was different and I wondered how the judges were going to narrow it down to one Queen. Amidst all these, I tried to have faith and stay positive.

OB: Being in a house with different people from different background for the duration of the competition how was the experience?

EA: The experience in camp was interesting and fun. It was also one of my greatest challenges because I never liked being in the company of ladies just to avoid the drama they bring, but the other contestants in camp were very sweet, I observed a lot and I learnt how to get personal with people. That&#39s something I will always cherish.

OB: What was the feeling when your name was announced as the winner, how did you react?

EA: When I was announced as the winner,I didn&#39t know what to do or how to react. I tried to imagine the excitement on the faces of everyone that watched me. I imagined what my new life would be like and the responsibilities. I thought about people that told me I wasn&#39t going to win and also those that supported me. I was lost in thoughts at that moment until the other contestants rushed to hug me, then I saw my mom and the next thing…..tears.


OB: In your own words, what do you think stood you out from the other contestants?

EA: I really can&#39t say but people thought there was something about me and the way I carried myself. Lets just say that my aura convinced the judges.

OB: How have you been coping with the task of being the queen, knowing what is expected of you?

EA: It wasn&#39t easy at first because I had to make so many adjustments and I had to make them fast. Right now, I am settled and used to the arrangement. I have a lot of support from people and I&#39m grateful to God for that.

OB: How will you like to be remembered after your reign as queen, what will you like your successor to know?

EA: To so many people, beauty queens are just beautiful. I want to change that impression, I want people to look at me and say &#39her beauty is 20% of what makes her attractive&#39. I want to be remembered as the queen that had beauty with a purpose. Whoever will take over from me has to know that being Miss Nigeria is not all about the glamour and the fame, she has to know that at some point, she will step down from that realm and actually get to work. The next queen must be ready for the love, the hate and the hard work.

OB: What are the projects you’ve embarked on or is still ongoing since you’ve become queen?

EA: I intend to make a difference in the lives of women. I am passionate about sexual violence hence I have launched an initiative called project SEV. Project SEV seeks to curb sexual violence against young women in Nigeria. I&#39ve begun advocacy against this act on traditional media as well as social media. Will begin schools tour in a few weeks.


The help lines for victims and counselling sessions will be made public in about a week from now. I am focusing and giving all my best at the moment.

OB: Tell us about your experiences since becoming the queen?

EA: My experience has been wonderful and funny. My sister got married a week after I was crowned and I had to go back home for the wedding, it was crazy because so many people came for the wedding just to see me. You can imagine the picture session.

OB: As a beauty queen, can you tell us about your beauty routine?

EA: As soon as I got back to Lagos, I readjusted immediately to my new life. I started going to the office to work and there was no personal time for friends and family even. There were so many interviews to grant and also plenty appearances to make.  I also have a chaperone that goes everywhere with me, that was something I had to get used to.

The experience has been wonderful because of the opportunities I&#39m still getting and the relationships I&#39m establishing.  It&#39s also funny because of the comments people make once in a while that really tickle my fancy to be honest. When people talk about you like they know you, it&#39s really cute. Lol. I got used to that too.

My beauty routine got a bit complicated after I became Miss Nigeria 2013. So what I do is this, every morning after my shower, I wash my face with a special facial wash from Thalgo, then I use the facial toner and after that I apply my sunscreen. At night, it&#39s the same routine but instead of the sunscreen, I apply a serum that prevents breakouts. I also get full body scrubs regularly.

OB: In your wardrobe, which will you call your most comfortable outfit that you can always fall back on?

EA: My most comfortable outfit will always be a pair of jeans, a loose top and a pair of flat sandals.

OB: What is the oldest item in your closet?

EA: I&#39m not really sure what the oldest item in my closest is because I changed everything after I won. So right now they are all age mates. Lol



OB: What&#39s you compulsory fashion don&#39t, something you can never try?

EA: When it comes to fashion, I don&#39t think I can wear leggings or anything like that. I love skinny jeans but I can&#39t try the ordinary leggings. They have a way of making a slim person look even slimmer.

OnoBello Yvonne Ekwere
At the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve launch party With Alex Okosi of MTV at his birthday party

OB: What&#39s your fashion must-have?

EA: My fashion &#39must have&#39 is a handbag. Most times, a good handbag will cover up a poor dressing.

OB: What&#39s your fashion sin, something you always indulge in?

EA: My fashion sin is buying so many handbags. That&#39s my obsession. I love good handbags and I buy a lot even if there is no money.

OB: What&#39s in your make-up bag?

EA: In my makeup bag, you will find different products from MUD cosmetics. You will see a concealer, foundation, compact powder, eyebrow pencil, lipstick, mascara, highlighter, eye shadows, makeup brushes etc

11. Marked Nigeria?s 53rd Independence day as a traffic warden
Marked Nigeria’s 53rd Independence day as a traffic warden
At the Elite Model Look Nigeria 2013 Finale event

OB: Which item in your make-up bag can you not do without?

EA: I can&#39t do without a red lipstick. That&#39s the only shade I apply on my lips. Red lipstick is for bold women, every woman should have at least one.

OB: What are the last three items bought?

EA: The last three items I bought are a Michael KorsiPad pouch, a Charles Keith yellow handbag and a gold bracelet.

OB: There are some girls out there looking to be like you, can you give them tips on how to become a beauty queen?

EA: To the girls that want to become like me, be confident. Don&#39t let anybody tell you are not good enough. Also do a lot of study, learn new things every day, be knowledgeable. You can&#39t give what you don&#39t have. Finally, do not be far away from God, you can&#39t go far without him anyway.

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