Terrence Howard Should Be Fired From ‘Empire’ Says Wendy Williams

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We all love Terrence Howard’s portrayal of Lucious Lyon on the hit Fox drama Empire. His role in the series has been met with fanfare – and massive ratings – but it seems not everyone is happy with the Chicago born suave actor

Daytime talk show host Wendy Williams called Howard out during her show, arguing that Fox should fire the 46-year-old star due to his real life legal problems and “screwy” behaviour overshadowing the show.

Here’s what she had to say “Terrence Howard, your personal life has taken over to where if by chance they took you off the show I would be happier than mad,” Williams shared. “Between him allegedly being abusive to women in his personal life, him giving an 18-page nutty interview to Rolling Stone magazine where he talked about all kinds of nuttiness…again going back to how he allegedly treats women in his life. It’s usurped his entire situation at Empire and the show could do without Terrence Howard.”

What do you think – Should he really be taken out of the series?








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