The Denim Revolution: New Ways To Pull Off Jeans

Denim isn’t just for jeans anymore. This season, look for everything from denim shoes to denim dresses and up your wardrobe style with a touch of this trend. We know how hot it is in this part of the world, but with waistcoats and light dresses, the denim look is catching on.

Here are three of our favourite ways in which denim can be worn

There are a whole lot of versatile styles in which one can pull off a denim dress. Whether with ruffles, belted, cap sleeves and more, the denim dress is suitable for a breezy and casual afternoon out.

Denim shirtstyles, from check to stripes, long sleeve to three-quarter sleeve are a fashion favorite for a stylish look. They are stylish and comfortable and have a tailored rugged look that always makes one appear perfectly put together.

With a waistcoat it is easier to pull off a less stressful ensemble just as Dayo Ephraim has done here. The waistcoat can be the only piece of denim being rocked and still portray a Western rugged look that would have heads swooning.


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