The Henri Uduku Resort ’18 Collection Will Inspire You To Chase The Sun

Chase The Sun 1

As a brand, Henri Uduku has wrestled with the conventions that have risen around the fashion industry building its whole ethos around this worship of the seasons. Technology, globalization and industrialization has significantly weakened the hold the weather had on our lives, the most privileged of us literally spend their lives chasing the warm summer climes.

As an apparel brand finding its voice, they are willing to buck tradition and forge our own path. This season they present their Resort collection, inspired by the radical idea that the label of the future will honour the universality of choice. Like the men and women they dress, they chose this collection to ‘chase the sun’.

This season they work almost exclusively with linens and cotton, the preferred fabrics of the sun seeker. They embrace subtle colour blocking, and collars that conjure the sun kissed beaches of Cuba and the Caribbean.

They offer tailored shorts, exaggerated sleeve cuffs and summer prints; zippered trousers that inspire the Henri Uduku man/woman to roll up their cuffs and trod off the safe path. They acknowledge the weather but they are not beholden to it, they respect tradition but embrace the new.

See collection below.

Chase The Sun 2

Chase The Sun 3

Chase The Sun 4

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Chase The Sun 7

Chase The Sun



Photography: Kachi Eloka (@kachi.e)

Shoot Co-ordinators: Timothy Ogunlowo (@essentialafrican) and Nkem Uduku (nkemuduku)

Models: Sammy Erhobaga (@22.jumpstr) and Anita Ekpo (@anitaekpo)

Shoes: Nugwa Footwear (@nugwafootwear)

Location: The Lighthouse (@thelighthouse_lekki)

Words: Edwin Okolo (@edgothboy)




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