The Kenny Blaq State of Mind Thrilled London, In A Night Of Absolute Comedy. See!

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The beauty of comedy lies in the art of connecting with an audience and getting people to laugh at a relatable story. On September 30th,2018, Kenny Blaq reminded an audience of thousands why he is one of Nigeria’s best stand up comedians.

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The Kenny Blaq State of Mind, organized by SMADE Entertainment and held at Indigo at the O2, saw Kenny Blaq perform his best set yet. The night’s entertainment was enhanced with performances by Adot, Larry J, Woli Arole, and Asiri, with Michael Dapaah making a special guest appearance.

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Host Eddie Kadi also played a huge role in keeping up the energy of the guests present, including SMADE Entertainment CEO Adesegun Adeosun.

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