“The New Sprezzatura”! Nigerian Menswear Brand, Idyll Okunusi Couture Releases New Collection


Idyll Okunusi Couture, a Lagos based Nigerian menswear brand has released a new lookbook titled “The New Sprezzatura“.

The inspiration behind the collection came from the word “Grace” and “Sartorial Nonchalance” – The art of performing a difficult task  gracefully with self confidence in an effortless way.

The collection is about owning the decision you make about your outfit that portrays positive attitude in a truly stylish cool figure, and avoiding attempting to achieve something too hard in an effortless and unorthodox way.

See photos from the collection below:

idcout-4 (1)

idcout-11 (2)

idcout-14 (1)

idylll-2 (1)

idylll-6 (1)

idylll-10 (1)

idylll-12 (1)

idylll-16 (1)

idylll-17 (1)

idylll-20 (1)

idylll-23 (1)



idylll-33 (1)

idyyl-2 (1)


Brand: Idyll Okunusi Couture @idyllocouture

Models: Prince Eze | @prinzeebrown003 , Oladipo Adeyemi | @skinny_giant

Designer/Stylist : Idowu Okunusi @idowu_okunusi

Photographer: Deji Omotayo @happyspecie

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