The True Story! Skibii Sack Manager Soso, Visits CoolFm & BeatFm With Kcee & Harrysong!

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Skiibii Mayana along his Five Star Management Harrysong and KCee have been doing some media rounds on radio to tell the truth surrounding the whole Skiibii ‘death’ saga. Click here to read our previous report on it.

The trio visited Do2tun’s show on Cool96.9FM yesterday morning, 19th August and did the same this morning 20th August at the ‘Morning Rush’ show with Olisa Adibua, Maria Okanrende and Koch on The Beat 99.9FM to tell the truth about the events surrounding the death rumours and announce the sack of manager Soso Soberekon over his role and miscommunication that led to publications of Skiibii’s death in the media.

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It was revealed that Skibii has a condition where he experiences blackouts when he’s excited, under pressure or stress and that was what happened to him on the day the story of his death surfaced. Kcee revealed that he had been in Norway at the time of the incident and was not able to manage the situation, which he claims was been blown out of proportion.

He also revealed that Soso was behind the entire issue, saying he made a big mistake and acted unprofessionally with the death confirmation to the news media without really verifying if Skiibii was really dead.

Watch their interview on Cool Fm here!





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