There’s Something For Every Woman In Anne Jacob Atelier’s Divine SS19 Collection

Anne Jacobs OnoBello-2

Abuja based womenswear labelAnne Jacob Atelier has unveiled Its SS19 collection and its all round divine. Tagged, ‘ARIE’, the collection includes some recurring features such as Pleats, asymmetric hemline, cut-outs, interesting neck and sleeve details.

The collection which is made up of a variety of very chic and feminine pieces designed with the 21st century woman in mind runs across a palette of cool colour tones.

“Whether you like the subtle or sleek look, our cool colour tones, deconstructed shapes with details, asymmetrical cuts, and clean panels that exude glamour and elegance will be a great option to stand out from the crowd at any special occasion, which is how we want every AJA woman to feel when wearing one of our pieces” head designer, Anne Adigun shares.

Anne Jacobs OnoBello

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Anne Jacobs OnoBello-4 Anne Jacobs OnoBello-5

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Creative Direction: AJA Team (@AnneJacobOfficial)

Photography: Femi Joseph (@YJpictures)

Styling: Anne Adigun (@AnneAdigun)

Hair: Ehis Johnson (@EhisHair)

Makeup: Ronald (@Ronaldthe7th)

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