#TheRoyalWedding: OB Top Memorable Highlights From Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Wedding

From Meghan’s walk down the aisle in that lovely dress to the first kiss and that PDA showcased by the two love birds– here are the highlights for the Royal Wedding.



The Moment Prince Harry Bit His Lip When He Saw Meghan


Perhaps the most endearing moment and most sensual. This happened when Meghan arrived at the front of the church and was greeted by Harry, who told her “You look amazing,” and then bit his lip.




    That Emotional Speech Bishop Michael Curry Gave at the Royal Wedding


elle-royal-wedding-bishop-michael-bruce-curry-gettyimages-960057348-1526737198 Bishop Michael Curry, the head of the Episcopal Church, gave an emotional, impassioned speech at the Royal Wedding on Saturday. He opened with a Dr. Martin Luther King quote, and it only got better from there.    




The First Kiss




Before making their way down the steps, the couple quickly locked lips, right in front of thousands of fans watching outside the grounds.



The Final Goodbye 





What were your best moments from the Royal Wedding? Share With us.





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