They Don’t Understand & I’ve Had To Lose A Lot Of Friends.”- Mr Eazi

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In an #BASEEXCLUSIVE interview, outspoken Singer, Mr Eazi was candid about his musical journey, the industry, and more…


When asked about the reception he gets when he goes back home to Nigeria and Ghana, he responds “A lot of people still can’t fathom it. They don’t understand and I’ve had to lose a lot of friends. Because friends, especially music friends who, a year ago looked at me as this new boy trying to come up and let’s support so it looks like we’re supporting your music as a new artist but now, they’re looking at me as competition. People who started with me at the same time now feel like I’m bigger than them, just go funny so I’ve lost a lot of friends. People I thought were my friends.”


Also, when asked how he deals with it, he responds, “It’s lonely. Sometimes you just vent.” #OnoBello #OBCelebrities


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