Third Mainland Bridge Safe For Use – FG


Following a viral video that was posted by rapper, Dremo, calling people’s attention to a glitch on the third mainland bridge which caused people to question the safety of the structure.

The ministry of power works and housing has asked Nigerians to be rest assured that the third mainland bridge poses no danger to users.

In a statement released on Sunday, the ministry said it is aware of the joint and has marked it for repairs, adding that experts have advised that it does not pose any structural danger.

“it is still functioning and our engineers and consultants have advised that it does not pose any structural danger to the bridge and it is safe to use.”

“More recently, in March this year, underwater confirmatory tests preceding the repair works to be done on the Bridge, were carried out on the plies to determine if there is further deterioration or not on the plies from that done in 2013.”

The bridge was closed temporarily in August 2018 for investigative maintenance test.

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