This New Video Series Challenges The Narrow Perceptions Of Beauty


Creative director, Chidera Muoka has teamed up with photographer Niyi Okeowo to create The I AM, an ongoing series that showcases unique individuals who are plus-size, have tribal marks, or have physical scars.

Their goal is to capture them in their most vulnerable form and share their amazing stories. Albino model and blogger, Coco Anetor-Sokei is first to be featured as she shares her story living as an albino in Nigeria.

“Recently, I get offended for the ‘oyibo’, ‘obobo’ and ‘afin’ jokes like I was the one it was directed at. It made me realize that this was the reality being albino has subjected her to all of her life. Even worse, she will continue to deal with this even though she has grown a tougher skin.” says Chidera who shared that she was inspired by the beautiful albino model to start the series.

“It is because of Coco that I believe people shouldn’t have to change how they look, rather the world needs to change the way they perceive things.” says the talented creative director.

You can watch the video here.

Creative Direction: Chidera Muoka (@themadamezeta)

Photography: Niyi Okeowo (@niyiokeowostudio)

Videography: Kayode Idowu (@idkayode)

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