Timeless Local Drinks Meet Reimagined Modern Twists


In a time and place where cocktails are more popular than ever on the night scene, little or no attention is paid to the local drinks we once enjoyed. Guinness Nigeria made a very bold step in changing that notion with not one but two signature cocktails at the Wheatbaker Hotel, Lagos at the recently concluded Lagos Cocktail Week (LCW); Zobotini & Kunutini.





The Zobotini is a tangy sweet delight that took its drinkers down memory lane being an offshoot of ‘zobo’ – a locally enjoyed drink made from Hibiscus leaves – while Kunutini delivers milky heaven being a modern twist on a timeless classic, ‘kunu’. Both of these exotic cocktails are vodka based masterpieces that infuse Diageo Reserve’s premium vodka, Ketel One.


Ketel One

Let’s just say the next time we’re out, we’d be insisting on having a Zobotini or a Kunutini; or both.





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