T’Jan Talks Personal Style, Life Lessons & Future Plans In SCHICK MAGAZINE

SCHICK Issue 3 pg 110

Known for his silky smooth voice, which has brought about hits including ‘Aduke’, ‘Dance for Me’ and new single, ‘Meji’, R&B crooner, T’jan talks about his personal style, life lessons and future plans in SCHICK magazine’s Fashion issue.

Read excerpts below:


On his favorite Nigerian designers

Hassan Lagos, Mai Atafo and Ellan Red are three great designers on my radar.

On the biggest lesson since starting music

My biggest lesson of all time is that you have to keep grinding. It may be slow but it has to be steady. Grinding slow but grinding still is the watchword. And I would not say there is anything I had to unlearn as life is a steady knowledge quest.


SCHICK Issue 3 pg 111

On his music and personality

My music is just a part of my personality. To me, music is greatly inspired by what happens around you. It’s in the way you perceive humanity and your ability to creatively convert it into a rhythmic body of sounds. My personality comes into play when I now turn my perception of what happens around me in my own line of thought.


Photography by: Remi Adetiba

Styling by: Osayuwamen Ogbebor

Make-up by: Faysslift

Hair by: Sirmona


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