Tracee Ellis Ross Remakes Her Mother Diana Ross’ 1981 Classic Video “Work That Body”


Black-Ish star Tracee Ellis Ross has finally revealed her secret project to fans.

The 42-year-old actress paid homage to her mother Diana Ross’ by recreating her classic 1981 hit “Work That Body”.

Here’s what she said about the video: “I know it was a different time, it was the 80’s, but still, it didn’t feel like she was dancing as a presentation of herself, or like she was offering up her bits, which I feel like most videos are these days. Often in today’s images (moving and still), we are being objectified or we are objectifying ourselves. I think it is meant to be an empowered act, a reclaiming of our bodies. But that is not always what it feels like to me. I am not intending to judge, just exploring with curiosity.”

“And then it hit me: My mom felt whole and connected …and in her body in this video. I have spoken before about encouraging women to shift our gaze from how we are seen to how we are seeing and, more important, feeling. And I saw a woman feeling joyful in herself as a whole being; she didn’t seem to be presenting her ass or saying look at all the ways I can make myself look appealing to YOU. She seems to be saying, “this is ME feeling good and I am strong and sexy and joyful in ME.


Check out the video here!



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