Trend Report: The Ethnic Chic Ankara Prints

Fashion is ever changing and although certain trends make their exit and return years later in a new way, style and season- they most times look slightly different from the original trend.

Fashion like art is inspired by life and everything around us. In fashion the past and present are somewhat intertwined hence we appreciate rare vintage pieces and embrace retro fashion.  Designers are always stimulated by their environment, personal experiences or encounters- which is life in itself. Who would have thought a simple encounter on an airplane would lead to the creation of one of the most coveted bags yet- the Hermes Birkin- that’s fashion for you and inspiration can come from anything.

The current fascinationin fashion isethnic prints and in particular Ankara.Fashion designers are making use of this special African print and theyall share a common adoration for this fabric. Ankara is versatile considering its ability to create pieces serving different generations, sexes and occasions, it can be transformed from day to evening wear and is used in making other fashion pieces including swimwear, shoes, bags and other accessories.

Famous designers all over the world have made the famous prints their trademark includingYodit Eklund of Bantu Wax, Hazel Aggrey-Orleans of Eki Orleans, Ituen BasiLisa Folawiyo of Jewel By Lisa and many other international premier brands- Gwen Stephani’s L.A.M.B label featured Ankara prints in its Spring/Summer 2011 ready-to-wear collection showcased at the New York Fashion Week. High street stores in UK and US have also joined in this ethnic revolution, stores like Zara and H&M have previously retailed pieces in this print. Aldo recently made a line of chic Ankara print wedges. Celebrities are not left out as Beyonce and sister Solange, have championed these prints and have been spotted rocking this trend.

We have seen these prints splashed on the editorial pages of international fashion magazines including Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Arise and New African Woman.

It’s advisable that you have at lease one piece of this trend in your wardrobe!

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