Trump Suggested Building A Wall Across Sahara Desert To Block Africans From Migrating


Spanish Foreign Minister, Josep Borrell, has said US President, Donald Trump suggested his country build a wall across the Sahara desert as part of efforts to address migration from Africa.

Borrell said Trump made the remarks on Tuesday, 18th of September, during a lunch at Club Siglo XXI in Madrid, while referring to the increase in the number of African youth migrants.

According to CNN, the minister released an audio file where he impersonated Trump supposedly saying,

 “You need to build a wall around the Sahara,”

Borrell said when Trump was asked if he was aware of the size of the Sahara desert, the latter replied:

“It can’t be bigger than our border with Mexico.”

Borrell continued:

“Well, yes, it is way bigger than the border with Mexico, and in any case it wouldn’t be very useful to do that.”

Although he declined further comments on the issue, a spokesman for the Spanish Foreign Ministry confirmed Borrell’s comments to CNN.

CNN’s request for comments from the White House was not responded to.

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