Turn Up! Dj Cuppy & Dj Obi Shut Down The Wedding Party 2 After Party

TWP2 After Party--2

Following a successful screening in front of a sold out audience at Eko Hotel & Suites on Sunday December 10th, the cast and crew of The Wedding Party 2 joined the audience for a classy after party. Members ofcast and crew including executive producer Mo Abudu, Enyinna Nwigwe, Ireti Doyle amongst many more took to the dance floor for what was a climax to a fantastic night.The area which initially served as the red carpet had been magically transformed to a scene similar to one from a swanky nightclub.

With DJ Cuppy & DJ Obi spinning and scratching on the wheels of steel, the After Party saw guests sip on fine champagne from Bollinger while cocktails from Cîroc & Johnnie Walker flowed freely. Still dressed in their fancy Arabian outfits, the guests stormed the dance floor and rocked the party deep into the night. A major highlight of the night was the colourful belly-dance display by Korra & The Sirens. Major names at the party include Lanre Da  Silva, Waje, Ebuka Obi Uchendu, Fred Amata, Toolz, Folu Storms and a host of others.

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TWP2 After Party--3

TWP2 After Party--4

TWP2 After Party--5

TWP2 After Party--6

TWP2 After Party--7

TWP2 After Party--8

TWP2 After Party--9

TWP2 After Party--10

TWP2 After Party--11

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TWP2 After Party--13

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TWP2 After Party--16

TWP2 After Party--17

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TWP2 After Party--19

TWP2 After Party--20

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TWP2 After Party--22

TWP2 After Party--23

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TWP2 After Party--26

TWP2 After Party--27

TWP2 After Party--28

TWP2 After Party--29

TWP2 After Party--30

TWP2 After Party--31

TWP2 After Party--32

TWP2 After Party--33

TWP2 After Party--34

TWP2 After Party--35

TWP2 After Party--36

TWP2 After Party--37

TWP2 After Party--38

TWP2 After Party-





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