U.K Graduate, Alfred Ajani Gets The Perfect Position After Holding Up A Job Advertising Sign At London Waterloo Station

A graduate who held up a sign advertising his skills to commuters at Waterloo Station has landed his perfect position after his direct approach to job hunting paid off.


Nigerian UK graduate, Alfred Ajani, 22, feared he was getting nowhere after unsuccessfully applying for more than 300 jobs following his graduation in May.He got up early to intercept passing city workers at the busy London station last month, holding a sign saying: ‘Marketing Graduate – Please ask for a CV’.His approach was well received by passing executives and one director who saw him has now signed him up.

Alfred, from south London, started in a marketing role at recruitment agency the Asoria Group yesterday and now works just yards from the spot where he once stood looking for a job.


He said: ‘The director walked past me when he saw me that morning, but later got in contact through [the website] Linked In.’The company said they were looking for someone with out of the box ideas and so they were keen to get me in.’

In recognition of the fame his stunt brought him, Alfred’s new colleagues made special T-shirts with his photo on them to welcome him on his first day.He added: ‘The job is one I wouldn’t have got if I hadn’t gone to the station that morning, so I advise anyone out there who is in the same position I was to think of more direct ways to speak to employers.’

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Statistics show that almost half of recent graduates are now in ‘non-graduate’ or ‘stepping stone’ roles, such as bar-tending, and are struggling to get the positions they had hoped for.


Credit: Mail Online 




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